My images reside somewhere between recognizable landscapes and composited dreamworlds of marks and scrapes, haze and dust. Vacillating between depiction and abstraction, my aim is to realize spiritual and emotional states as spatial images. My work derives from a variety of sites, from the sacred to the industrial. These sources become transformed, abstracted, and sometimes obliterated through drawing, collage and carving. I want to create an arresting, monumental sense of space, of looming humidity and atmosphere in my work, reminiscent of Piranesi’s Vedute di Roma, or Tohaku’s landscapes. I enjoy the alchemical properties of printmaking—how the surface of wood can become air, to be at once an assertively flat surface and a spatial, breathing image. More recently my work has shifted to more overtly address the pressing issue of climate change. I place manmade structures in environments where they are overcome and consumed by their surroundings, by severe weather on an enormous scale.

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